Free Beer?

Do you like beer? Do you know enough about beer to be able to judge whether it’s well made or not? Are you free Wednesday evening (August 1) from 6:00pm until 9:00ish?

If you answered YES! to all three questions, you…yes, YOU…can be an official judge for the home made beer competition for the Clark County Fair!! Just give Steve Bader at Bader Beer & Wine Supply a call at 750-1551 to sign up. They will have about 200 homemade beers and they need more judges.

How do I know this? Tonight I was an official judge for the home winemaking competition for the Fair. I have done it for several years and it is a blast. It is always interesting to see what people try to make alcohol out of. For instance, tonight I sampled a Lime/Mint wine. Lots of lime, no hint of mint, would have been better with some club soda. It was also extraordinarily fizzy, which was not the intent. But that’s the fun of homemade adult beverages…experimenting, breaking rules, and finding guinea pigs to taste your concoctions and give you honest feedback.

Act now! Ales, lagers, and bocks are standing by!

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