BE the Fair

Attending the Fair is great fun but it is even more exciting when you become a part of it. It is easy as pie to get involved. Personally, I often enter photos in the Open Class competition. I’ve never done all that great – my eye for what makes an interesting picture is apparently very amateurish. Nevertheless, it’s always fun anticipating the possibility of a red ribbon (I know not to anticipate a blue ribbon as my collection of white ribbons is quite impressive).

My task today is to acquire some foam core and dry mount an 8″ x 10″ to it. Although I can drop off my photo entry at a location on NE St. Johns this week, I am going to wait until next Tuesday (July 31) and drop it off at the Fairgrounds. I LOVE being on-site a few days before the Fair…all the preparations make me hungry. You also get to see some cool stuff, like the picture below that I took last year of some models awaiting their 4-H wardrobes.

If you want to join in the fun, check out this link for all the categories and rules for ways you can pit your talents against those of your fellow Fair-goers.


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