WATCH: Mountain View players preview week 8 showdown at Kelso

Players filed out of the locker room in a long line as AC/DC’s Thunderstruck boomed from speakers. Head coach Adam Mathieson marched around repeatedly yelling “make it a good day!” as Mountain View made its dramatic entrance onto the field.

But it wasn’t game day. Not yet, at least.

In fact it was a practice — and a big one at that. The Thunder will try to match or exceed Thursday’s intensity when they travel to Kelso on Friday to play what is set to be a 3A Greater St. Helens League dog fight between two largely unscathed teams.

Both carry a 3-0 league record into week 8 and this matchup should decide who wins the league.

Hear from running back Jack Mertens, quarterback Garrett Moen and wide receiver Philip Earnhardt. They dished on preparation, wht makes Kelso such a tough opponent on paper and the Thunder’s game day preparation.

For game information, go here.

I went in-depth on the matchup in this week’s 360 Preps podcast with Columbian Sports Editor Micah Rice and prep coordiantor Tim Martinez. Listen to that here.

Andy Buhler

Andy Buhler

Columbian Staff Writer

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