Month: April 2012

There's Bad, There's Awful, And Then There's Evil

The genesis of this week's By the Numbers column came when I was marveling at the fact that Willie Bloomquist has been in the major leagues for 11 years and […]

Aldridge Reflects On Move From Prairie To Clark

On his second attempt, Al Aldridge whittled his reasons for leaving Prairie High School to one word. "Refreshing . . . revitalizing, that's the word I'm looking for," Aldridge said Wednesday […]

Check and Mate for Webster

Here's my favorite sports story from this week: College coach wins national title, then announces that she's taking another job and taking her team with her. She's a chess coach. Texas […]

Pac-12 and Big Ten Really, Really Love the Rose Bowl

The Pac-12 and the Big Ten are holding a college football playoff hostage, which led to this Talking Point for Saturday's paper: The latest math-challenged proposal from the BCS involves three […]

Top-notch Headline

In case you missed it, here was the headline in Tuesday's Columbian following Kentucky's title: "Won and Done." That one came courtesy of copy editor Jeff Klein, the hardest working man […]

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