Product Review: Robbie's All Natural & Guilt Free Steak Sauce


Initial Thoughts: Steak sauce is something that I always have on hand, either homemade or store bought. It goes so well with so much more than just steak. Like my son with barbeque sauce, steak sauce is a favorite of mine. I like the fact that it’s as versatile as barbeque sauce but seems to have more kick and pizazz.


Packaging and Size: Robbie’s Steak Sauce comes in a 10 ounce glass bottle. Each bottle contains 18, 1 tablespoon servings. I love the fact that it comes in a glass bottle and the size is perfect to keep on hand in my refrigerator. As with all of Robbie’s All Natural & Guilt Free products, the labeling is clear and eye catching. You’ll know what you are getting with a quick glance at the bottle.

Flavor: Now I’ll be honest, I have yet to try this steak sauce with a steak. Let me assure you, the flavor will be amazing with a nice, thick, grilled steak! The label says that this sauce is “Spicy, Sweet & Sassy”, that is a very good assessment of this sauce. The flavor is fresh and tastes a lot like my homemade sauce. I think this is one of my favorite sauces from Robbie’s.

Serving Suggestions: Obviously this sauce would go wonderfully with a nice steak. It would also be amazing added to a marinade, meat loaf, burgers and so many more dishes! The depth of flavor would really enhance the flavors of most any red meat. My family loves wild game and this would go wonderfully with a nice elk steak, I cannot wait to try them together!

Overall Review: Needless to say, I love this sauce. It is so nice to know that there is a company out there that is making 100% natural sauces that taste really good! They use quality ingredients, something you can tell when you taste their sauces. This steak sauce is loaded with flavor and is just what I am looking for in a good steak sauce. Not only does this sauce taste wonderful, but it is also wonderfully thick, something I look for in a good steak sauce.

Where can I get some? According to Robbie’s Naturals site, locally you can find it at Lingonberries Market in Vancouver, Washington. If you live elsewhere, Robbie’s site has a store locator to help you find a retailer near you.

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