National French Toast Day!

Growing up, French toast was one of my favorite breakfast dishes. When my family began on our journey of avoiding gluten, I knew I had to come up with an alternative that would satisfy my craving!

It all started with the bread. Early on in the days of “gluten-free”, bread was less than wonderful. Anyone that remembers having to toast your bread to give it a good enough texture to eat truly appreciates that advances that have been made in the bread department. Gluten-free bread now is not a glorified quick bread, it has texture and is amazingly close in flavor to it’s gluten-filled cousin.


My favorite bread for making French toast is this gluten-free French bread. It does take a bit of planning ahead to have it ready for your breakfast, but trust me, it’s worth it! It really isn’t a difficult recipe, but does take a bit of forethought.


One of my all time favorite versions of French toast is stuffed pumpkin French toast. The pumpkin cream cheese spread is amazing on it’s own, but paired with the pumpkin French toast it totally completes the dish.

Making French toast is so easy and you can use any bread. Even pound cake, quick bread or even angel food cake makes an amazing French toast.


Just about anything can be used to dress up your French toast from cream cheese to compound butter. Add a bit of pumpkin to your egg mixture or even applesauce. Even just a sprinkling of powdered sugar, or snow as my kids have always called it, makes it a bit more special. Get creative and enjoy your French toast.

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