Product Review: Robbie's All Natural & Guilt Free Worcestershire


Initial Thoughts: I am a creature of habit, I’ve always used the same Worcestershire sauce. Trying another kind never really occurred to me. When I received the bottle of Robbie’s All Natural & Guilt Free Worchestershire, I gave it little thought…horrible, but true. After all, isn’t all Worcestershire sauce the same?


Packaging and Size: As with all of Robbie’s products so far, the size and packaging is perfect. A glass bottle with the typical drop dispenser that you find on all products of this kind. The 10 ounce size bottle is the perfect size for this sauce.

Flavor: As I said before, I wasn’t prepared to be wowed. I knew that I liked the idea of a natural product that contained no gluten, no preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup and no soy. One that is also very low in sodium and is fat free, cholesterol free and is very low calories. As with all of Robbie’s products so far, those facts alone impress me.

I actually used this Worcestershire in a few dishes for our family’s Thanksgiving meal. Before I jumped in and used it, however, I did taste it on it’s own. Needless to say, I was impressed. This Worcestershire has a very smooth and mild flavor. Nothing harsh, just a good flavor that would enhance the flavor of many dishes.

Just to be fair, I also tried my usual brand on it’s own as well. The difference was astounding! My brand was not mild in flavor at all, it was actually rather harsh. Now I know that most people don’t actually just dip their finger into their Worcestershire and consume it plain, it’s intended to be an ingredient, but you do want to have it taste good.

Serving Suggestions: This Worcestershire is perfect for any dish that calls for it, or needs a bit of a flavor boost. As I said before, I used this in several dishes on Thanksgiving. One of them was our gravy, it added a great flavor and richness without adding more salt. I also used it in my green bean casserole. We also had the traditional Chex mix as well and Robbie’s Worcestershire was used in that too.

Overall Review: Robbie’s All Natural & Guilt Free Worchestershire is a great product and one that I will be purchasing in the future for my own pantry. The smoothness of flavor and the better for you ingredients were huge selling points for me. Another small point that I liked about this sauce is that it is a bit thicker than my brand. That is not a huge deal I know, but it was something that I appreciated.

Where can I get some? According to Robbie’s Naturals site, locally you can find it at Lingonberries Market in Vancouver, Washington. If you live elsewhere, Robbie’s site also has a store locator.

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