National Cake Day!

Today is another “National Food Day”. After a long weekend of pumpkin pie, turkey, eggnog and spiced cider do you have room for another food day? Not sure about the timing of this day of celebration, but cake is good any time right?

What’s your favorite cake? Maybe you don’t really care for cake? When I was younger, it wasn’t my favorite dessert and really I could still take it or leave it. There are a few recipes that I absolutely love, however!


One of my all time favorite recipe is chocolate peppermint-stuffed cupcakes. This recipe is for cupcakes, but it’s still cake, right? I think you could easily convert this into a layer cake, what a stunning presentation that would make! The combination of chocolate and peppermint is one of my favorites any time. While it is very much one of the key flavors of the Christmas season, I actually love it all year long. Crazy, I know.


When chocolate is not what I’m craving (rarely happens, but there are times), carrot cake is another favorite. Not just any carrot cake, however. This recipe is my all time favorite carrot cake! It’s as close as I’ve come to my husbands dear grandmother’s carrot cake. So yummy!


Another favorite in my house is pumpkin cake roll. When I was growing up, my grandmother made this every Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was a tradition that none of us would let her forget about. This gluten-free version is as close to hers as I’ve found. So tasty and brings back so many fun memories of watching my grandmother make her “magical” rolled cake. It was a fascinating process to watch as a little girl standing next to her on a stool.

Enjoy your day, have a piece of cake or a cupcake and celebrate the season. National food holidays are always fun, especially if they involve dessert and beloved memories!

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