National Gingerbread Day….perfect timing!

Every once in a while I come across another “National Food Day” and wonder yet again who decided a particular day should be all about a certain food. They often don’t seem to “fit” in my mind, but this one seems perfect! Did you know that today is National Gingerbread Day?


While gingerbread is not one of my favorites to eat, I love the aroma that fills my house when it’s baking. Any form of gingerbread from cupcakes to cookies will bring all of the flavors of fall into your home.


One of my ultimate favorite versions of this beloved dessert has got to be gingerbread cheesecake. Being a cheesecake lover, there could be nothing better! Sure, it’s not “bread”, but the flavors are there and I do believe that’s what counts. It has the essence of gingerbread, good enough for me.

So, whip up a pan of gingerbread, some cupcakes or even a cheesecake. It’s the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving dessert table! Make an extra to give to a neighbor, teacher or mailman to say “thank you” for all that they do to bring blessings into your life.

Happy Gingerbread Day….and have a wonderful Thanksgiving too!

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