Thanksgiving dishes everyone will love!

Thanksgiving is just days away and food is on everyone’s mind. I love the Thanksgiving holiday not only for the amazing food but also because it’s one of the few holidays where getting gifts is not the focus. It’s all about getting together with friends and family and being thankful for another year of blessings….and yummy food.

Everyone has their favorites, right. That one dish that would be sorely missed if it was missing from the big feast. Perhaps its several dishes.

This year, my family looks a bit different from years past. Our family has grown by one with the addition of a beloved daughter-in-law. The oldest of our boys was married this past summer, so now we are sharing him and his wife with her family.


Traditions change over time as families grow, so this year I asked all of our kids what that one most important dish was. We of course will have the traditional turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and pumpkin pie, but my hope was that everything on our table would be a favorite.


Needless to say, I got a wide range of answers. No surprise, top of the list for everyone was dessert, aside from pumpkin pie everyone wanted cheesecake.


Another request was for homemade cranberry sauce. I love making this and like the cheesecake it is a dish that I can make days ahead of time and have it ready for the feast.

Cooking a big feast for my family is easy when I’m able to break the meal down and spread the work out over a few days. That leaves the Thanksgiving meal preparations at a level that I can pull all of the dishes together without a huge stress. Enjoying the day is my goal, capturing and remembering the fun memories with the people I love to spend time with the most.

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