Product Review: Robbie's All Natural and Guilt Free Original Barbeque Sauce


Initial Thoughts: Barbeque sauce is a must have condiment in my house. My youngest son was very anxious to try Robbie’s version of his favorite sauce. Crazy kid will put barbeque sauce on everything if I let him. It is his go to sauce.

Packaging and Size: Robbie’s All Natural and Guilt Free Original Barbeque Sauce comes in an 18 ounce glass bottle. Suggested serving size is 2 tablespoons, each bottle has 15 servings. Great size to have on hand.


Flavor: This sauce got mixed reviews in my house. My barbeque sauce loving son liked it, but thought it could have been improved by adding a bit more kick or heat. While I liked it, the sauce was a bit too acidic for me; I like a sauce with a spicy kick balanced out with a bit of sweetness too. This was not my favorite barbecue sauce, however I would still buy it. The flavor would work wonderfully on beef ribs and the rest of my family enjoyed the sauce.

Serving Suggestions: This barbeque sauce would be really good mixed into burger meat or a meat loaf. My youngest son’s first comment after tasting the sauce was that it would be really good with French fries (I did mention that he loves barbeque sauce). The label says that it will add tang to your dishes and that is exactly what this sauce does. I also think Robbie’s Original Barbeque Sauce would work well as a tangy ingredient to a marinade.

Where can I get some? According to Robbie’s Naturals site, locally you can find it at Lingonberries Market in Vancouver, Washington. If you live elsewhere, Robbie’s site also has a store locator.

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