Product Review Robbie's All Natural and Guilt Free Ketchup


Initial Thoughts: I have ever really understood why gluten ever really needed to be an ingredient in ketchup, but it is a concern for anyone that has issues with gluten. As with most things, I love the fact that there are options out there. I love hearing about new products, especially when they are not loaded with preservatives.

Packaging and Size: As with all of Robbie’s products so far, the size is a good one for a condiment. I also love the fact that it’s in a glass bottle. There is just something about it that brings back good feelings of quality and pride in a product well made. Something often overlooked these days.


Flavor: The flavor of this ketchup kind of surprised me, to be completely honest. It has a full bodied flavor, well balanced and tastes very homemade! The bottle says it’s “Sweet and Tangy” and that is just what it is. The flavor of the spices and the sweetness from the apple juice concentrate and honey work perfectly well together.

Serving Suggestions: Of course the obvious serving suggestions come to mind. The perfect topping for burgers, hot dogs, or meat loaf. Kids love to dip their favorite foods, from French fries to corn chips (one of my kids loves to dip his corn chips or potato chips in ketchup, crazy kid).


One of my favorite uses for ketchup is to make BBQ sauce. The flavor of this ketchup would lend well to the other ingredients in this recipe.

Where can I get some? According to Robbie’s Naturals site, locally you can find it at Lingonberries Market in Vancouver, Washington. If you live elsewhere, Robbie’s site also has a store locator.

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