Product Review: Robbie's All Natural and Guilt Free Garlic Sauce


Initial Thoughts: Garlic is a huge staple in my pantry, I use it in almost everything. When I was asked to sample and review Robbie’s Garlic Sauce I was quite excited to try a product that was made with garlic. In my cooking I love to layer flavors, using fresh and dried granulated garlic in the same dishes. Having a sauce to use as well sounded awesome!

Packaging and Size: This garlic sauce comes in a 5 ounce bottle, pretty standard size for hot sauces and other similar products. This is certainly not something you are going to use an entire bottle in one recipe, I think it’s a good size for what it is.

Flavor: In a word, it’s amazing! When I tasted it alone (just a bit on my finger) I was amazed at how much garlic flavor there was in that small drop. Slightly sweet, smooth garlic flavor. It’s not overpowering, even tasting it on it’s own, just awesome garlic flavor.


Serving Suggestions:As funny as it may sound, the first dish I made with Robbie’s Garlic Sauce was my homemade creamy tomato soup. It’s a family favorite and the addition of just a bit of the garlic sauce made a huge difference in the depth of flavor it had.

This garlic sauce also found its way into a stir fry, a pot of soup and a few other dishes in the past week. Everything came out great! I can’t wait to try this in a few dips and spreads over the holiday season. This works in just about anything you’d add garlic to. So many possibilities from a small bottle, and a little bit goes a long way! For me, that’s important.


Overall Review: This product is awesome! It’s fat free, low in calories, low in sodium, gluten free, cholesterol free, contains no high fructose corn syrup and has no preservatives. At the same time, it’s also loaded with lots of flavor and brings a depth of flavor to dishes that using garlic alone often can’t. I love products that have so many tasty applications and also bring a lot of flavor to a recipe.

Where can I get some? According to Robbie’s Naturals site, locally you can find it at Lingonberries Market in Vancouver, Washington. If you live elsewhere, Robbie’s site also has a store locator.

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