Is it raining?

This has been a super dry summer and fall, in our neck of the woods it’s been the driest on record. I don’t know about any of you, but when it started raining a couple of weeks ago I was more than ready to see everything get completely soaked.

The rain was our first real taste of fall, and I was beyond ready. Ready for hearty soups and stews and most of all, dumplings!


I love it when the weather turns colder and I can make more soups and stews. Nothing stretches my grocery dollar more than being able to make a hearty soup that will last for two meals.


This weekend I made a big pot of stew. It was so tasty that first night, but I have to say it was even better the second night when I added dumplings to it. Such an amazingly tasty way to reinvent leftovers.

Growing up, my grandmother made amazing chicken and dumplings. It was one of my favorite dishes, she was a master at making dumplings. Making them for my family always makes me think of evenings around her dining room table.

Enjoy the rain, make a pot of soup and maybe even some dumplings to add a special touch to your meal. It finally feels like fall is officially here, in all of it’s wet glory!

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