Today is National Celiac Awarness Day…

…or so I’ve been told. I often wonder who decides what “National…Day” it is, don’t you?

Regardless of where it originated with, bringing awareness to more people about a disease that seems to affect so many these days is a great idea!


Even if Celiac disease or gluten intolerance is not a part of your daily life, I’d be willing to bet that someone in your life deals with it on a daily basis. Finding out that your body doesn’t process wheat and gluten or even worse that you are allergic to it is a life changing bit of news.


Thankfully, it is more manageable today than ever before! There are countless cook books, products and resources available. Even most neighborhood grocery stores have a gluten-free section or at the very least carry gluten-free products.


Recipes to make just about any dish you desire are abundant and the ingredients you need to make your favorites are easier to find now than even just 5 years ago.

As they say, we’ve come a long way!

Bread is not out of the question. Cookies, cakes and even pasta and crackers can still be a part of your diet.


So, celebrate today….have a big glass of milk and a chocolate chip cookie and enjoy!

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