Muffins, perfect for busy mornings!

Can you believe it? It is almost time for school to start again. Mom’s, your schedule is about to get a bit crazy. We are returning to the crazy morning routine of packing lunches, fixing breakfast, getting sleepy kids ready for a day of school and catching that school bus. Not to mention getting yourself ready for whatever your day has in store for you.


My favorite busy morning breakfast? Muffins, sweet or savory, they are the perfect on the go breakfast. Making gluten free muffins is as easy as any wheat version you may remember. They are completely portable and pack well in a lunch bag. What could be better?


Make them ahead of time, freeze them and you’ll always have a quick breakfast or snack for those moments when you are running behind and have a hungry child. They thaw out quickly and can be packed into a lunch box frozen.

Everyone is looking for a way to save time and money, this fits both needs. Honestly, making muffins from scratch is so economical and takes little time at all. Try it, I think you’ll find that it’s a great way to stretch your food dollar and your limited time in a busy schedule.

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