BBQ Season!


What’s your favorite summer time activity? Being a foodie, grilling has got to be one of my ultimate favorite activities. My grill is fired up almost every night of the week. I rarely cook on the stove or in the oven this time of year. We absolutely love grilled food.

There is just something about the whole experience. The glow of the hot coals, the sizzle of the food hitting the grill and the amazing aroma of whatever is cooking on the grill. Let’s face it, just smelling a neighbor cooking on a grill will make anyone hungry. It just smells so amazing!


This amazing experience has to start with a fantastic marinade. My favorite marinades have a bit of acid, a bit of salt, a bit of oil and a lot of flavor. A good marinade can transform a boring piece of chicken into an amazing dinner.

Even with the simplest seasoning of salt and pepper, grilled food just tastes better! I love sitting with my family, smelling the food cook outside and having time to enjoy catching up after a busy summer day.

So pick your favorite food from meat to fruit, add a bit of added flavor and fire up that grill. You’ll be enjoying amazing summer food in no time!

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