Carrot Cake….no one will guess it's gluten-free!


When I was a kid, carrot cake was not my favorite. I honestly didn’t even really enjoy cake all that much. I know, crazy kid!

This is not the first time I’ve shared this cake recipe, but it is good enough to revisit. The first time I made this cake, my goal was to replicate my husband’s grandmother’s carrot cake. Her carrot cake was the first one I ever tried that I wanted seconds of.

Grandma’s cake was everything a good carrot cake should be, moist and loaded with flavor! The cream cheese frosting on top had the perfect level of sweetness! Oh, so good!

Now, I have to be completely honest, I did not have high hopes of a gluten-free carrot cake turning out as tasty as grandma’s. I expected it to be dry or too dense. That is another issue I’ve had with other carrot cake recipes, they often produce a dense cake that makes a better door stop than a dessert.

I was reminded of this tasty cake while discussing the menu for my son’s upcoming wedding. Carrot cake was added to the menu and my mind went instantly to my gluten-free version of grandma’s original. We won’t be serving my recipe, or even grandma’s but I hear that the one that has been chosen is an amazing cake as well. We’ll have to see, the two that stand out in my mind would be hard to beat.

Don’t let the “carrot” part of this recipe, or memories of past carrot cake disasters scare you off. This is a must try!

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