Cheesecake Love


Cheesecake and I have had a long love affair. For many years I admired people that could make an amazing cheesecake, but didn’t dare to try making one myself until about 15 years ago.

Why making cheesecake scared me is a mystery…for those of you that share this phobia, rest assured it is not as scary as you may think.


My first attempt was a caramel apple cheesecake. I didn’t have to worry about it cracking because the top of the cake was covered in apples, therefore hiding any cracks that may have been there. The added caramel sauce on top helped too.

I’ve created many different cheesecakes recipes over the years, one for every holiday or occasion. It’s nearly become an obsession at times, thinking about what new flavor combos I can come up with to match the holiday. My family, however, does not complain. I live in a house full of cheesecake lovers.


This past month my oldest son and his girlfriend decided to get married and have asked me to make their wedding cake. Yes, my son is marrying another cheesecake lover, we raised him well. 🙂 So, this has renewed my obsession and I’m working on several new flavors.

Soon, I will share my recipes and pictures of each one. Until then, try one of the other recipes on Gling and enjoy a bit of cheesecake heaven from your own kitchen.

A few tips for those of you that are new to cheesecake baking: wrap the outside of your pan in aluminum foil, place your cheesecake pan in another baking dish with water in it (this will help prevent cracking and your cake will cook more evenly), always start with room temperature cream cheese. The last tip I will give you is to avoid over beating, just mix until the ingredients are combined.

Enjoy your cheesecake!

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