Super Bowl Food!

It’s almost Super Bowl time! Are you a football fan? Do you have a favorite team? In my household, as I’m sure I’ve shared in the past, we are not huge football watchers. We do make a huge exception for the [Super Bowl](, however. I’d love to get into watching more football, and every year after the big game my boys and I talk about watching it “next season”, but it never seems to work out that way. We have a very busy life and for some reason or other, football just doesn’t fit in. It seems there is always something else vying for our attention the rest of the year.

Super Bowl Sunday is the exception. We look forward to the big game, the awesome commercials and the tasty food that always covers the coffee table. The tradition in our home is the snacks can’t be enjoyed until the big game begins…we rarely wait until the pre-game show is over though. Could you? A table in front of you being loaded with all kinds of tasty treats? I think not!


So, what’s on your list of “must have” snack foods for the big game? It’s all completely healthy, I’m sure! While I may work very hard to keep a balanced diet every other day of the year, Super Bowl Sunday is the exception to that rule! It just wouldn’t be the Super Bowl without hot wings. My family loves them and really, they are not hard to make or expensive. Chicken wings are sold in huge packages and it doesn’t take a ton to make a nice party tray. The feta dipping sauce for this recipe is a really good substitute for the traditional blue cheese dip that can often contain gluten. It’s easy to whip up and works well for veggies and on salad as well.


Another must have at any party is a good dip! One of our favorites is fondue. So many tasty choices and so many foods that can be dipped into your hot and creamy dip from fruit to veggies, crackers and cubes of bread. Even soft pretzel bites work wonderfully in just about any flavor of fondue you can come up with, even chocolate!

Stuffed “anything” is always a good choice. One of my personal favorites are stuffed mushrooms. I simply love mushrooms, so stuffing them with a tasty filling that is loaded with cheese, yet another favorite food of mine, is the best of them all!


We can’t forget pizza! Top it with whatever you like it’s all good. Make mini pizzas for each of your party guests and family. Everyone will love the individual flavors and topping choices.

Gling has so many tasty options for your party that everyone will love, gluten-free or not. Mix it up, have some fun and make some new favorites this weekend! I know this article is coming late in the planning for your party, but hopefully you’ll find some choices here that will be just the thing you were looking for to make your party perfect!

Enjoy the game…may the best team win!

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