Gifts from the Kitchen

Time for the big count down. It is just over a week until Christmas! Are you ready? Is your bank account screaming yet? I know this time of year always is a strain on mine.

There are so many people I would love to bless with a little something just to let them know that they are special to me. I am a gift giver at heart, but my check book only goes so far. We all feel it, things are tight.

This is not the time of year to be feeling stressed. Ya, I know, easier said than done. I’m feeling the crunch too. I want everything to be perfect, everyone to have fun, traditions to be kept and still be able to enjoy the season. Can you relate?

Well, why not spend some time going through your pantry instead of stressing about those gifts you still would like to buy? Trust me, I have not lost my mind. Your pantry probably holds all kinds of wonderful gifts that everyone will love. Your budget will thank you too!

Who doesn’t love a cookie? A tasty loaf of bread? How about a tin of candy? So many tasty choices that are sure to please just about everyone on your gift list. Everyone loves to eat, don’t they?

I know I always appreciate a food gift. A tasty treat that someone made with lots of love and thought. Such a wonderful way to share a blessing with a loved one. Much better than something I may never use, right.

Another great gift idea is to put together mixes for your loved ones to make themselves. This is another fun gift to receive, or give for that matter. Creating a mix is very simple, just mix the dry ingredients together and package them with the recipe and a list of needed ingredients like eggs, oil and such. Just about any recipe can be turned into a mix or gift basket.

Breakfast gift baskets are a lot of fun! Make up a bag of pancake mix with the dry ingredients of your recipe. Put it into one of those fun plastic gift bags and tie a bow around it. Then add it to a basket or gift bag with other fun breakfast items, a pretty coffee mug, a package of coffee, some maple syrup and some fresh fruit. Most of what goes into this gift basket can easily be found in your own pantry.

The same idea can apply to any themed basket. Think romantic dinner, dessert, or coffee break. Maybe your loved one loves watching football, or movies? Put together a basket full of tasty snack ideas, popcorn and perhaps an inexpensive fleece throw. How fun is that?

Whoever is on your gift list, get creative! I have found that the gifts that have been the most fun and memorable (and loved for that matter) have come from being ultra frugal and extra creative. Have fun with it, make some memories with your kids by getting them involved in the creating! Teaching our kids to be giving and creative is a very important part of the holidays for my family. Makes for fun memories for everyone.


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