Warming up and getting cozy!


One of my favorite things about this time of year is getting all warmed up and cozy by the fire with a hot cup of something tasty. Late fall and winter evenings often find me in my comfy chair with a steaming mug of something comforting and soothing after my busy day. Along with that warm mug of comfort I’ll also have a sewing project or a good book. It makes for a nice ending to my busy days.

That cozy chair, warm fire and mug of whatever suits my craving for the day is just what I need this time of year. My days are filled with cooking, housework, caring for children, schooling my kids and various other tasks focused on being ready for Christmas. Sewing, baking and crafting fill my every spare moment. While your days may look much different than mine, everyone needs a bit of cozy comfort to easy into a restful evening.

This time of year brings so much activity, so many things to complete and prepare for our family celebrations. Parties with friends, gifts to purchase or make, cards to address, pictures to take, and let’s not forget the tasty treats that have become tradition for this time of year. Our days are full.

Even when I see how much “busyness” this time of year brings, I still think it’s my favorite time of year. While every season has it’s good points, I think winter and especially Christmas can just bring out the joy in everything we do. Focusing less on ourselves and more on others always does the heart good! Just think how we’d feel if we opted for that way of life all year long, my guess is there would be much more happiness in this world.

So, how do you spend your relaxing evenings? You do give yourself that time to unwind after a busy day don’t you? I think that is one of the best ways to keep doing all that needs doing this time of year. Treat yourself to a steaming mug of something tasty!


Chocolate is always a winner in my book. What is more soothing than a steaming mug of maple hot cocoa. Such a soothing and comforting version of your old favorite. The hint of maple flavoring in this drink was a surprising bonus.


If white chocolate is more to your liking, Snowy Peppermint Hot Chocolate is also super tasty! When I made this, my kids couldn’t get enough. Such a smooth and creamy mug of holiday flavors, it’s perfect for this time of year.

While I have no recipe to share for one of my favorite warm and cozy drinks this time of year, I’m sure none is needed! There are many times when all that will satisfy my craving for warmth is a hot cup of tea sweetened with a touch of honey! Herbal teas can be so good for you, and honey is naturally good for you.


Now we can’t forget or overlook cider. There is just something soothing about a steaming mug of spiced cider. Last year, one of my sons built a cider press for a school project. This fall we had our first freshly pressed cider. What an amazing treat, if you can find some fresh pressed cider locally, I highly recommend it!

Coffee is a huge weakness for me, not always a good thing, I know. I’m not a black coffee kind of girl either, creamer is always in order. I’ve even been known to add a scoop of cocoa mix to a cup of coffee for added “chocolate” pleasure. Even better than coco mix is chocolate syrup


For the past several years, I’ve enjoyed stepping away from the commercial coffee creamers and trying my hand at some homemade versions of my favorites. I love the fact that I can have the flavors I want, and not all of the hydrogenated fats and preservatives that seem to abound in commercial creamer varieties. One of my favorites is Peppermint Mocha Creamer. Perfect pick me up any morning of the week without the coffee shop price or hassle.

Whatever you choose to enjoy in your favorite holiday mug, take some time to cozy up with a good book, a warm blanket and a steaming mug of something special! This time of year is so busy, so full of coming and going, thinking and planning. Why not finish out a busy day with a mug of something comforting?

Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! Don’t forget to take the time to enjoy this beautiful season.

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