Last minute dessert ideas.

Oh my! Thanksgiving is the day after tomorrow. Can you believe it? Are you still scrambling for a gluten-free dessert idea for your feast? Did you perhaps just find out that YOU are supposed to bring the dessert to this year’s dinner? Maybe you’ve just decided that you need just one more tasty treat to grace your dessert table. No matter, I’ve got a few quick and easy dessert ideas for you.

Over the years, I’ve hosted or attended many dinners and celebrations. I’m sure you have too. My family is constantly telling me that I over do it, when it comes to planning the menu. I never feel like there is “enough” on my list and I’m always left with far too many leftovers. On the bright side, no one leaves my table hungry.

Dessert is, by far, my favorite course to plan and eat! There have been gatherings at my home where the dessert table was as full as the dinner table. Not all bad, everyone’s favorite dessert was represented…sometimes several times over.

Alright, so you are perhaps not looking to fill a banquet table with sweet treats, but you do need an idea or two for a quick fix and tasty crowd pleaser. Enough about me and my over-zealous dessert planning, let’s not waste another minute of our precious Thanksgiving planning time that still remains.


Pumpkin, do you need another pumpkin dessert? Aside from the traditional pumpkin pie there is also pumpkin cobbler and pumpkin cheesecake. Looking for something a bit easier? How about a pumpkin cake roll? Super easy and amazingly good!


Cranberries are one of my favorites this time of year. I try to get them in everywhere I can. What better place than dessert? Cranberry Orange Coffee Cake may not be the traditional Thanksgiving dessert but it sure is tasty! It’s also very quick and easy to make. That makes it a winner in my book any day, especially around the holidays.


Another tasty cranberry dessert is an Apple Cranberry Crumble. It is a quick and easy dessert that is sure to please, plus it tastes amazingly good made a day in advance. Time saver and you don’t have to make it the day of the gathering. I like that!

So there are a few ideas for those last minute desserts you were struggling to come up with. I hope it helped a bit. After all, this is the time of year that you want to enjoy the season, want to enjoy being with family and friends, but also want to enjoy the tastes of the season as well! I know, it’s not all about the food, Thanksgiving is about so much more. Give your guests something more to be thankful for…a great dessert to round out their meal!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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