An apple a day….so tasty!


Apple season is here! Can’t you just picture yourself in that country apple orchard picking bushels of apples with your family? Rather “Norman Rockwell” don’t you think?

Maybe picking apples is not your cup of tea….or maybe cider would be more fitting. There are plenty of produce stands around with an amazing selection of fresh apples.

Here in Washington State we have apples of just about every size, color, tartness and sweetness you could ask for. Apples for baking and fresh eating abound this time of year. They are all amazingly fresh, often from just a few miles down the road.

We all know fresh is best and buying from local growers helps out your local economy. I love supporting the local farmers as often as I can. This time of year I am given plenty of opportunity to do just that. Such an amazing time of year, don’t you think?

So what do you do with these fresh apples now that you have them? Oh, now the fun begins. There are so many tasty options from fresh apple sauce to apple pie and everything in between.


If you are anything like me you’ve already enjoyed several tasty treats with apples. Have you tried anything new this year? One of the items on my list to try are old fashioned candy apples like you get at old time county fairs. I’ve done a bit of looking and think it’s a must try this year.

Perhaps you are not that adventurous and like to stick with the old tried and true favorites. I’d love to see what “your” favorites are! At Gling we are always looking for some new favorites to add to our old favorites. Recipes are like potato chips, you can’t have just one.

Some of my favorite apple dishes are:

imageCaramel apple cheesecake

imageChocolate caramel apples

imageApple Coffee Cake

imageApple cranberry crumble

imageApple cinnamon scones

imageBaked Apple Slices


So many amazing dishes and treats with apples. Even a sliced up apple with some dip is a tasty treat on a fall afternoon! My kids like just taking a spoon full of peanut butter and dipping their apple slices in that. Then there is always the old favorite of apples and cheese slices.

Enjoy the fresh apples while they are here. If you get time in your busy schedule and have a family favorite recipe you’d be willing to share, I hope you stop by and post it in our recipe section. It’s super easy to do and I might just find a new favorite.

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