Having a Gluten-Free Halloween Party

The leaves are turning, the mornings are getting colder and the goblins are ready to party! Are you ready to host or attend an unforgettable Halloween party?

What do all of the gluten-free goblins crave this time of year? Pumpkin cake, caramel apples, spice cookies and of course candy! Everything from chocolate to taffy, candy does abound this time of year from homemade treats to store bought goodies.


While the treats at the party are hugely important, the mom in me knows that there has got to be at least a little bit of wholesome food involved. My family traditionally has a crock pot full of chili or potato soup of some kind.


Don’t forget about that warm cup of cider or hot cocoa. You’ll want a pot of it simmering away, ready for that quick warm up mid-begging!

We like to warm up the tummies of all of those trick-or-treaters before they head out into the cold Halloween night to beg for treats from unsuspecting neighbors. How funny it always seems to me that asking for treats this one night a year is not only expected, but encouraged. Who am I though, to interfere with such a long standing tradition.

Once everyone has a full sack or have run out of doors to knock on, the fun of sorting through the hoards of candy, trading for those favorite ones and determining what is safe for your gluten-free kids. This is a task that hopefully will go well, with few items having to be eliminated from the precious stash of goodies.

Having fun gluten-free choices at your party helps to alleviate any sadness or frustration in your trick-or-treater. After all, none of us wants to be deprived of our favorite treats at a party, right?

So, what do you serve or have on hand for this fun filled evening? Some simple to make or easily purchased goodies will make it an evening where no one feels deprived or left out.


On the top of my kids list for Halloween treats are caramel apples. They are so easy to make up the day or morning before your gathering and go a ling way when sliced for serving. I also like to have some extra caramel on hand for dipping apple slices into at the party as well.


Who doesn’t love donuts? Pumpkin donuts are so easy and so supper tasty! Don’t have a donut cutter? No worries, just use a small scoop and make the “holes” instead. If you’ve never attempted to make homemade donuts before, you’ve got to try them. They are amazing!


It would hardly be a Halloween party without popcorn balls. For me, it’s all about a childhood memory of a dear neighbor lady that always made the neighborhood kids popcorn balls. She would have one ready for each child in our neighborhood, packaged and in a bag with a few pieces of candy. We all knew to go to her house first to insure that we didn’t miss out. Even then, I appreciated the time and care that went into such a wonderful treat.

Even if you don’t have the time, or don’t want to make your won popcorn balls, there are many ways to include popcorn into your party plans. Caramel corn and even caramel popcorn bars are easy to make and so very tasty. Cranberry popcorn bars are super easy and have an amazing flavor.

For an even easier popcorn treat it’s easy to add seasonings to your popped corn for a different twist on an old favorite. Chili popcorn is a fun flavor as well as nacho. Add a cheesy flavor to your popcorn by adding a bit of Parmesan cheese. My kids like to make what they call “dirty popcorn”. They simply take a cinnamon and sugar mixture and sprinkle it on the popcorn after it’s been buttered.

Cookies are always a hit at any party. Iced pumpkin are an easy treat. Homemade Oreo cookies make an amazing addition to the party treats as well. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are another easy and festive treat for your Halloween gathering.


Cupcakes are a super easy treat to make for your party. They can be decorated to fit the occasion and be just as festive as you want them to! Get the kids involved, they’ll enjoy the chance to play a bit and make something special for your party.


Even if you buy your treats at the store, there are plenty of options out there from mixes to ready made treats. Look at naturally gluten-free treats. Pumpkin seeds are an amazingly tasty snack at any party. Buy a sugar cookie mix and decorate your own little pumpkin cookies. So many choices, no one should feel left out or deprived at your party!

Happy Halloween! Stay safe and have fun.

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