From Jyl Straub
White Light Paranormal Insight
(at a house on N.W. 23rd Circle in Camas)

It began in my daughter’s upstairs bedroom.

No one else was home except for myself. Hearing marbles dropping to the floor and rolling across the wood floor was not my first experience, but definitely one of the most intriguing.

Photo By Jeremiah Coughlan

Photo By Jeremiah Coughlan

Prior to that, both of my daughters and even a friend had separately stayed in that room and had moved out due to the noises, uneasiness, and depressive feelings that they were experiencing.

There seemed to be more negative behavior from my girls and arguments with their boyfriends.

Several nights, I would hear scratching noises on the other side of my room. That was what freaked me out the most when I was home alone.

This was around the same time that I had met my boyfriend who is a psychic/medium. He asked me over the phone from Wisconsin if my kids had ever messed around with a Ouija board. Finally, the boys admitted to having done one in my daughter’s closet.

My boyfriend ended up coming to visit and we would still hear marbles drop and roll across the floor upstairs and at times, it was as if someone was throwing them at the wall.

We even opened the bedroom door and heard the noise loud and clear as we were standing there. But there were no marbles in sight.

It was crazy! We took photos and 3 spirit eminations showed up. The ghost communicated to my boyfriend several details including a real legit address and phone number for Portland, OR.

We even called the number and the person said that they had just gotten that phone number. This is a very condensed down version of the story and it took several months to clear the energy out with prayer and sage.

The good thing that came out of this happening, is that my boyfriend and I started a local paranormal team to help others going thru what I went thru. And coincedently, I later found 3 marbles neatly placed in a triangle shape in that room!

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