Providence Academy haunting

Here’s a tale from Maureen, who didn’t want her last name used.

There are lots of tales of hauntings at the old Providence Academy building, now called “The Academy.”


The Sisters of Providence built the structure in 1873, under the leadership of Mother Joseph, who is said to still walk the halls on occasion.

Maureen rented a space in the building for a few years.

“Things frequently got moved around, or lights would turn on or off,” she said. “On the third floor, people work in pairs because they kept loosing housekeepers.”

One person told her he saw something roll across a somewhat slanted floor in the opposite direction of gravity.

Academy built 1973

The building was built with bricks from the old Hidden Brickyard.

“The story goes that it ended up more expensive to make the bricks than Mother Joseph originally contracted for, so Hidden tried to up the price, and Mother Joseph refused and made them honor the contract,” Maureen said. “So the story is that the bricks are cursed.”

She said the basement, which has a basalt floor, is especially creepy. Yet in a way she can’t explain she still loves the old building.

The Academy

“For me it was more like weird vibes and cold spots and things,” Maureen said. “But there are also a lot of cool interesting people there.”

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