Story provided by Vancouver historian and ghost hunter Jeff Davis, from his website at

Date: 30 January 2001 (archived story)
From: Hope C.
Subject: Vancouver Barracks

I own a home near Officers Row.

I lived there for one month. It is a 1909 house.

Shortly after moving in I was sitting on the living room floor and looked up to see a man standing in the front doorway.

Officers Row in 1880

Officers Row in 1880

He wore a blue top with a high collar and long sleeves and a squarish cap.

I know NOTHING about the military but he was definitely some kind of soldier (or it looked kind of like a bellhop’s uniform).

But I was looking at his face. He was about 40 and looking right at me.

I saw him one more time.

I always felt safe in that house.

My tenant who now lives there asked me whether the house was haunted and said that she saw a man in the living room.

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