Ghost shadow in Vancouver

Story provided by Vancouver historian and ghost hunter Jeff Davis, from his website at

Date: 28 February 2007
From: Brittney
Subject: Haunting story/advice

My name is Brittney and I live in Vancouver, WA.

My boyfriend and I recently moved into an old house that we are renting.

Everything was fine for the first week and a half. Then one night sitting in the front room he saw a small shadow fly across the room and back into the hall.

My boyfriend was convinced it was a ghost.


He told his buddy and had him sleep over on our couch. Our buddy didn’t say he saw or heard anything but said he definitely wasn’t alone that night.

Then last night (about a week after his buddy came over) my boyfriend wasn’t feeling well in the middle of the night and went to relax on the couch so he wouldn’t wake me.

He says not five minutes later he high tailed it back to the bedroom.

He heard footsteps walking then turning around and doors opening that were already open. He also saw a shadow of a person in our 2nd bedroom.

I have not seen or heard anything.

The odd thing about the “person” being in the second bedroom is that my cat always wants me to follow him in there, I always assume to play but he always stops in the middle of the room and looks up at me like he wants me to see or look at something. The cat doesn’t seem scared or freaked out in any part of the house.

One more thing about the house is that it seems to get cold pretty often, not just one room but also the whole house. I thought it was just the old furnace, but not after this.

Is there any reason that I have not seen/heard/felt any of this? Could it be a friendly ghost/spirit since my cat is not afraid?

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