Story provided by Vancouver historian and ghost hunter Jeff Davis, from his website at

From: Aaron M.
Location: Vancouver, WA
Date: Early 2000s
Ref: Vancouver Barracks, Building 993

This building, which is now occupied by the Washington Army National Guard has a strong presence of some kind.

Barracks Headquarters 1880

Barracks Headquarters 1880

I was stationed there from 2000-2001 and worked out of the west half of the building.

The building itself is kind of creepy, but there is no real explanation for the feeling you get when you go down to the basement on the west wing. It is concentrated in the room which is now a latrine (bathroom). It has worn concrete floors, and a cold draft.

Almost every time I would go there, the hair on the back of my neck would stand straight up. I would always feel as if someone was watching me.

I would stand there, and reactively look over my shoulder, the feeling was that strong.

I’m not a sensitive person to this sort of thing, and I have never had a convincing experience about ghosts or the supernatural. But there is enough strangeness here worthy of investigation for those who are interested in ghost hunting.

Vancouver Barracks

Vancouver Barracks

The experiences I had felt there are not isolated. I have heard from at least a dozen people – both part time and full-time soldiers – whom have said strange feelings from this basement.

The state maintenance workers who keep the place up confirm strange things have been seen, heard, felt. The recruiter aids that work there won’t go down to the west side basement for fear.

One strange happening: The weapons vault, also located in this basement, has had some really freaky stuff happen.

On an overnight drill about eight years ago, the security alarm had gone off.

The Readiness NCO at that time, and another soldier, both of whom I’ve worked with and know well, went down and opened up the secured lock, which is armed with combination, physical key, and keypad. An 80 pound safe had moved to the other side of the wall.

Vancouver Barracks Hospital

Vancouver Barracks Hospital

A couple of months ago, my good friend who is the current Readiness NCO in Bldg 993, stacked chairs up against the far wall in one of the rooms in order to clean the floors. When he left work that night and locked up they were left against that wall. The following Monday, the chairs were all moved against the inside door/the opposite side where he had stacked them, preventing the door from being opened freely.

Weird stuff huh? Spooky. I really believe if there is such thing as a haunted place, this is one of them.

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