5 New Peppers Win All-America Awards

All-America Selections has given 5 new peppers awards for 2015. All 5 can be successfully grown in the Pacific Northwest. Two in particular are quite early maturing and would be especially suitable for our cool summer climate. The two early maturing varieties are Pretty N Sweet and Flaming Flare, Pretty N Sweet is rated at 60 days from transplanting and Flaming Flare rated at 75 days. We typically have to add about 10 days to ratings for our climate. The other 3 award winners are rated at 85 to 90 days from transplanting, but still will have time to mature in our area.

Pepper Pretty N Sweet F1 is an ornamental pepper that is also edible. It is a sweet, multi-colored pepper on a compact 18” plant that is attractive to use in ornamental gardens and containers. Pretty N Sweet was earlier, more prolific and had a much sweeter taste with more substantial pepper walls than similar varieties. It has 1.5 inch fruit which starts light green and turns yellow, orange and red.

Pepper Flaming Flare F1 is an exceptional 3 inch hot pepper that is sweeter tasting than similar Fresno types and produces larger red fruits and more peppers per plant. Most Fresno type peppers are considered rather finicky plants that typically grow better in warm climates. The fruit is ideal for making chili sauces.

Pepper Emerald Fire F1 boasts extra large and very tasty jalapeno fruits that are perfect for stuffing, grilling or using in salsa. Emerald Fire produces very hot, gorgeous, glossy green peppers with thick walls that have very little cracking. Gardeners will appreciate the prolific fruit set on compact plants that resist disease better than other similar varieties.

Pepper Hot Sunset F1 is a banana or wax pepper with large, healthy, vigorous disease-free plants that produce tasty and attractive yellow fruits. The AAS Trial judges noted what a great taste this thick-walled pepper has, not like other hot peppers where all you get is heat. Whether it’s prepared fresh, grilled, roasted or pickled, Hot Sunset is sure to win over even the most particular cook.

Pepper Sweet Sunset F1 is a compact yellow banana pepper that is vigorous and sets a large amount of concentrated fruit. This high yielding X3R variety produces attractive colorful tasty peppers that are great fresh or canned. The compact upright plants do not require staking and can be grown in a container.

More AAS award winning vegetables and flowers will be described in future blogs.


Allen Wilson

Allen has been writing about gardening for over 30 years. He is a retired professor of Horticulture.

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