Friends of Ridgefield Library Start Bi-Weekly Silent Auctions

The Friends of the Ridgefield Library group is actively raising money to help fund a new library in Ridgefield by holding a silent auction of useful items. Every two weeks a new item will be listed, and the sale will end four weeks after the item is listed.

CharcoalThis is our first auction item—six bags of Kingsford charcoal. Each bag weighs 7.7 lb, for a total of approximately 45 pounds. The estimated retail price is $6.50/bag, or about $39.00.

There is a bid sheet at the library that you can use to bid on the charcoal. Bids will be taken through June 30, and the highest bidder will be notified by phone.

You can also buy the bags immediately for a guaranteed purchase price of $30.00. The winner will be notified by phone and the item can be picked up from the library immediately after the close of the auction.

Help support the library and get a good deal on six bags of charcoal – put in your bid today!

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