Ridgefield Has a New Logo

R logoThe City of Ridgefield will soon begin implementing findings from a brand and identity project which began in July 2015. The project focused on identifying the story, soul, and direction for Ridgefield and creating a way for the current stewards of the

City to nurture that story and assure that it endures. To enable the City to tell the Ridgefield story in one unified voice, the branding project identified the pillars of Ridgefield’s identity:

  • Enriching natural environment
  • Small town charm and connected, active community
  • Inspiring opportunities for residents, visitors and businesses

These pillars will be incorporated into the City’s message through its website, brochures, marketing and other avenues of communication. One of the first things residents will see is the unveiling of a new logo. Each element of the new logo represents a unique attribute of the Ridgefield community. The typeface represents the forward and upward movement of the City, while retaining its tradition and small town charm.

The Sandhill crane reflects the City’s commitment to the environment and its vibrant and active community.

Much of the City’s new logo and overall branding came from the people of Ridgefield. A Brand Advisory Panel of local stakeholders was established; surveys were distributed; and focus groups, workshops and meetings were held with City Council members, residents, and representatives from the Port of Ridgefield, the Ridgefield School District, the Ridgefield

National Wildlife Refuge and members of the business community. “It’s an exciting time for Ridgefield,” said Steve Stuart, City Manager. “We are forward thinking but rooted in tradition. So when we plan for our City’s next chapters, we want to capture our community’s energy and aspiration, while making sure to understand and hold on to our small town charm and deep connection to the environment. I think this work tells a story true to our place and that gives us a path to accomplish it.”

The City has created a fiscally responsible replacement strategy for the new logo and brand.

Logo items will be gradually replaced as opposed to immediately performing a broad replacement. The logo will be incorporated into newly produced items and as inventories of existing items are depleted or are in need of replacement, the new logo will be integrated.

Patrick Hildreth Brand & Design, a local boutique design company based in Camas, led the branding project. Patrick was born and raised in the region and brought a rich understanding of how Ridgefield fits into the larger context of the region. His work in brand and design goes back well over a decade and includes work with many of the regions municipalities, nonprofits and businesses.

For more information about the new Ridgefield brand identity and logo, please contact City Hall

at (360) 887-3557 or visit the City’s website at www.ci.ridgefield.wa.us.

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