YAM 2.jpg.Ridgefield Arts Experience during March is a fun time for your children.

We are inviting 3rd – 8th graders to a free activity, Tuesday, March 22, 4:00 to 7:30pm, in the Union Ridge Commons.

It’s one day only, and dinner for the cast is included. Sign up with Terri Cochran, Ridgefield School District, 360.619.1303.

Students will combine music, art, and acting to perform a creation of the book Francis Goes to School, written by our very own Tim Dawdy. Francis is a real bear and is required to attend school. See what happens.

Students will hear the story and then choose one group to create either scenery and costumes, or music and sounds, or dialogue and acting.

At 7:00 family and friends will see the play and have fun at the performance.

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