Fish Indubator in Ridgefield

We’re still waiting for our fish eggs.  In the beginning of January we were told that we would likely not get any eggs because there was a shortage of returning Coho.  Then a week or so later, we learned we would get 50,000 each for Gee Creek and Allen Canyon Creek around January 22nd.   They didn’t come but then we were informed that because the water temperature was colder than usual the development of the eggs was slower than usual (fish eggs are temperature dependent).   So, we would likely get ours about mid-February.  That’s later than usual but Les Greear says it’s not too late.  In the meantime, everything is ready as the new site below Riemann Road is doing quite well and the flow is clean and clear which is perfect for developing eggs.  The eggs are put in a basket at the top of the incubator and when they hatch the fry drop down to the bottom for several weeks.  When they are ready they swim out of the overflow and into the stream.  The photo is of the new site.

fish incubator

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