Remote Site Incubator

Remote site incubatorLast year Fish First sponsored a Remote Site Incubator at Ridgefield High School. There were a lot of problems with supply, sediment, freezing, and finally a mud flow that wiped out the site.  Gary Atkins, who lives nearby, was kind enough to let us set up on his property.

We had heavy rain over the weekend so there was a lot of water shooting out of the culvert as you can see in the photo. The plastic line in the culvert supplies the water to the incubator that can be seen on the left. We expect to get 10,000 Coho eggs from the Lewis River Hatchery in January. The eggs will hatch in the incubator and remain there 2-3 months until they are ready to leave. Then they swim out the overflow pipe and into the stream. If all goes well they will return as adult Coho in a few years.

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