Ground Breaking at Sportsman’s

Sportsman logoThe historic Sportsman’s Restaurant and Lounge in downtown Ridgefield will have a breaking ground ceremony on Friday, September 26th, at 2pm. Everyone is invited to attend this historic event. The ground breaking is historic in itself in that the City of Ridgefield has never had any of its downtown historic buildings make the expansion that the Sportsman’s is planning. There were obsolete codes and others that needed to be updated. Permits also needed to be acquired. This expansion is the prototype for other downtown businesses that want to add additional space to their buildings.

The project to date has taken nearly three years because, “an expansion and remodel to this degree has never been done before” owner Terry Hurd, told employees at a recent meeting. Manager Denise Shaw added, “We’re not closing. We will work around our expansion. They (construction workers) will be on the other side of the construction partition and we are serving our guests on this side.”

The expansion more than triples the capacity of the building. An expanded upper level deck will be used for additional guests or may be rented for private parties. The expansion will also include a platform for live shows, concerts or karaoke guests.

Light refreshments will be served after the ceremony. The Sportsman’s Restaurant and Lounge is at 121 North Main Avenue, Ridgefield. 360-887-3141.

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