CCI dogI happened to run into Barbara AW Wright yesterday as she was getting ready to deliver a dog model she painted. It was for a fundraiser to benefit Canine Companions for Independence sponsored by Caps ‘n Taps in Camas on Monday, August 25. All the dogs that were created will also be on display at DogFest on September 13 at the University of Portland, where they will be auctioned off to raise money for CCI.

Barbara’s dog is called “The World Awaits” and shows a relief map of the world representing the whole world of experiences, opportunities, and explorations that are open to people who use service dogs. The plants and flowers wrapped around the front legs represent the natural wonders that are open to people who use service dogs, and the collar of intertwined doves, which are symbols of love and peace, represent the feeling that flows between dogs and the people they serve.

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