Art Workshop at Pickled Heron

The Pickled Heron in Ridgefield will sponsor an art workshop with Jim Toenjes, Thursday, August 28th and Friday the 29th, called “Painting with Four Colors.”

The focus of this workshop will be on aspects of composition and color management. Required materials include a limited color palette consisting of dioxyzine violet (any brand), Thalo green or viridian (any brand), Grumbacher cadmium orange or barium orange, cadmium yellow medium, and titanium white. Please bring these paints as well as any preferred solvent and medium to the class along with a 9” x 12” stretched canvas, canvas board, or panel. Personal easels are optional as table easels are available.

In Clark County for the summer, artist James “Jim” Toenjes has been painting our local landscape in four colors. Come and experience the power of what a few colors of paint can accomplish. Jim will also cover the methods for obtaining exacting hues and values of what we experience firsthand in the outdoors.

This is a “hands-on” workshop. Fee for the two day workshop is $90 per person. The shop is limited to the first twelve participating painters registering.

For more Information, contact Jim Toenjes at 760-409-6934 or, or call Kay at the Pickled Heron, 887-606-4939. The Pickled Heron is at 418 Pioneer Street, and is a full service art store.

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