The Ridgefield Library is asking if you have old photographs, letters, documents etc. detailing the activities of the Priscilla Club or of the public library in Ridgefield so that we can tell a more complete and full story about the founding of the library.

You may know that the Ridgefield Library traces its history to the Priscilla Study Club Library, which was founded in 1914 by 12 women who came together to form the club. The women voted to allocate half their dues to purchase books and magazines for a library.

The Heritage Days Committee collected a great deal of information about the Priscilla Study Club and the public library in Ridgefield. The Priscilla Club members read and discussed important works. For instance, at their first meeting, they chose to read Robert’s Rules of Order to gain a greater understanding of parliamentary procedures. Once they finished this their second choice was to read the City Ordinances.

Please contact Sean at the library if you can help: (360) 887-8281.

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