Main Street Program in Ridgefield

The Main Street committee had its first meeting on January 16 at the Sportsman’s Restaurant.

This is a synopsis of what was discussed.

Frank Shuman read the board member expectations from the Main Street Program book. The program needs five to seven board members, nine would be ideal.  The board members need to be action- and goal-oriented, and willing to make a time commitment. When asked by show of hands how many present would be willing to be board members, a total of five were counted.  A packet of board member descriptions was given to each volunteer.

Someone to take accurate notes is needed so a good representation of what was discussed in the meetings can be shared with the residents/business owners of Ridgefield. An email will be sent to all present sharing a link to the Main Street Program book.

A few names were discussed as possibilities:  Old Town, Downtown, Historical, Hometown.  It was stated that Downtown sounds too commercial, and Old Town reflects the small town that it is.  As an example, it is believed that the Camas program is named “Downtown Camas Association”.

A board member is needed that understands and has time to work on the grant writing process.  Key words are important.

Alan Malone discussed the 4-points of the Main Street Program.

Residents/business owners that do not want to be board members but want to be involved can volunteer on a subcommittee.

Meetings will be held the 3rd Thursday of the month.  The next meeting is Thursday, February 20th at 8:30 am at the Sportsman, and everyone who’s interested in making downtown Ridgefield a better place is invited to attend.

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