Columbia River Series Continues

Friends of RNWR

Dr. Cameron Smith, Professor of Anthropology, Portland State University, will speak on ‘Canoes and the Lifeways of the Indigenous People of the Mid-Lower Columbia River’ on Thursday, January 16, at the Old Liberty Theater, 115 North Main Avenue in Ridgefield.

Dr. Smith has completed extensive studies at the Cathlapotle Plankhouse and on the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge, most recently completing his fourth summer field camp studying a 2000 year old village site on Bachelor Island. Dr. Smith is pioneering the concept of “landscape archeology,” emphasizing the understanding of paleolandscapes and first people’s lifeways and relationships to a dynamic natural environment.

Dr. Smith is an expert on the use of canoes by early people. He will talk about the relationship of first people to the landscape, canoes, and the peoples’ relationship to the environment in the area of the Refuge.

Funds raised will go to support the many activities and programs of the Refuge and the Plankhouse.

Sponsored in part by Columbia Credit Union.

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