News from the Ridgefield Lions Club

On the 4th of July we celebrated our 237th  year of independence as a free self-governing nation. Our jubilance often obscures thoughts and memories of the price and sacrifice to gain and maintain the object of our merriment, and it should, for this is a day set aside to validate our joyfulness.

We who are fortunate enough to live, not just in the United States of America, but in the community of Ridgefield, I think are especially blessed. Now we are given an opportunity to thank those who live among us and selflessly stepped forward to protect all mankind’s right to freedom and have sacrificed dearly.

In conjunction with the Wounded Warriors Project, local fishing guides are taking these true heroes on a half day fishing excursion Saturday, July 13. They will be returning to the Ridgefield boat launch about 1:30 pm (1330). We, the Ridgefield Lions, and many other community organizations and individuals are planning to welcome them back on their return, and we’d like you to participate too. Remember in your planning that parking can be sparse so car pool and arrive early.

God Bless America

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