Renovation of Ridgefield’s City Hall

Ridgefield City Manager Phil Messina reports on the renovation of City Hall:

In the next few weeks City Hall will be undergoing some long-needed renovation. Built in 1940 the building was a bank before it was given to the City to be used as City Hall.

Our intent is to create an open and efficient workspace so the building functions as a modern office, yet retain and preserve as much of the historic character as we can.

We have cleaned out the vault and it is being retrofitted for storage of documents. Once the vault is finished the next step will be the disassembly of the long counter. The counter is fronted with oak and marble which will be re-used as much as possible in the construction of new counters and work spaces.

We will remove the giant cubicle walls and open up the interior of the space, creating more office area.

We are planning on repainting the ceiling and replacing the worn carpeting. Staff is researching light fixtures and we hope to find new energy efficient lights that still reflect the 1940’s style.

We are fortunate to be working with local contractor Rich Haig and of course the City’s number one volunteer, Bruce Crockett, lending his artistry in wood-craft to the project.

I f you drop into City Hall in the next few weeks please excuse the mess.

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