Grocery Shopping No-Nos

Arrrrrrrrrrgh. This blog post has been in me for a while, but Saturday it all came to a boil. I was at the grocery store restocking on produce — low and behold I spotted some major shopping offenses. The cart was being pushed by a young boy about ten years old and was full of processed crap: Totino’s pizza, Noodle-A-Roni, Bar-S sausage, ice cream, etc, etc. There was no sign of REAL food in the cart. You know food that has not been genetically engineered. The boy’s father was gleefully catching up to him with a bag of Cheetos in his hand, (apparently he had forgotten them and HAD to go back). Heavy sigh. What’s even more disheartening the two were not native to America. So I guess it’s like when in Rome do like the Romans do. SMH.

I shop at a variety of stores because certain stores have better bargains and some just have better quality. I am a regular at New Seasons Market and Chuck’s Produce & Street Market for local, organic, specialty goods, meat and fish. I do shop at Fred Meyer’s too because it’s close and I like the one-stop shopping element. When I shop at New Seasons and Chuck’s the shopping experience changes as well as the customers. This has nothing to do with race or ethnicity it’s an economic issue. While in these stores you don’t see grocery cart no-nos because most folks shopping there understand the importance of good real food and a lot of the name brand processed stuff isn’t carried in these stores. Again, it comes down to socioeconomic status (class, education).

It is not my intention to come off as some food snob or act like I’ve never touched processed boxed so-called food. No doubt, I use to fill my cart with no-nos too, but I’ve since found my way and I want to raise awareness about processed, boxed so-called food. For me returning to the basics of cooking fresh meals has been KEY to my success. I prepare 99 percent of my meals at home. Shopping at New Seasons Market and Chuck’s Produce can be more expensive, but I bargain shop and most importantly I realize this is an investment in my health.

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Chrisetta Mosley

Chrisetta Mosley

I am a product – and now a survivor – of childhood obesity. As a child, my family always told me that my extra weight was merely baby fat and I’d eventually grow out of it. I never did. Instead, my childhood is filled with memories of not being able to ride a bike, flattening its training wheels from being over the recommended weight, and avoiding P.E. classes by any means necessary. For years, I wore my fatness like a wounded soldier wears a Purple Heart - with pride. I owned the look. I dressed it up. I worked the room. There wasn't a skinny girl who intimidated me. I made sure my hair was laid just right. Nails polished. Outfits coordinated to the tee. Accessories to compliment every outfit. But everyone has a breaking point, and mine came in the spring of 2004 when I tipped the scale at nearly 400 pounds 388 to be exact. I was MISERABLE trapped inside of that body. I no longer wore my Purple Heart with pride. Rather, I was ashamed and frightened. Ashamed that I had allowed food to become my everything – frightened I would die because of it. Drastic times called for drastic measures... Today, I’m bound and determined to live a better, healthier, active lifestyle. I realize I’m no longer a passenger in my life, I’m the driver. I’m overcoming my inhibitions and I’m slowly but surely saying farewell to my old childhood nemesis, obesity. For once and for all, Farewell Fatso!

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