Christmas Stories

Coming home for Christmas

Sharon Crisp Mount Vista Neighborhood My Christmas memory doesn’t include gifts, good food or visits with cousins, although they did likely occur. I remember Christmas Eve when I was four. World War II […]

Christmas in America

By Mary Sicilia Felida When I was eight, my parents began running a boarding house in Duluth, Minn. It was my mom, dad, me and nine “guys” for Christmas Eve and every […]

A special Christmas feast

Wanita L. Gray Smith Tower I didn’t know we were poor when I was little because Mama never told me we were. We lived on welfare and Mama’s dressmaking. I always had 10 […]

Memories of Christmas

Helena (Hotvedt) Snyder Washougal When my parents and older brother were released from Japanese concentration camps during World War II, they were sent to Australia, where I was born in 1946. They waited […]

Gingerbread implosion

Marlice A. Bryant Truman neighborhood Having been invited to a gingerbread house decorating party, I decided to put together a sweet little 6-by-6-inch house in the 20 minutes before running an errand. The […]

A visit from Santa

Roberta Marchand The Heights neighborhood My husband and I told our children that sometimes Santa came to visit good little children in person when they were very good. It was […]

Special gifts from Santa

Carol Monroe Battle Ground On Thanksgiving day, we always got a 20-dollar bill from Grandma to purchase our tickets at the Frederick & Nelson department store in Seattle for breakfast with Santa […]

An unusual Christmas dinner

Suzy Correa Prune Hill – Columbia Summit I wanted to have a picture-perfect American holiday the first year my soon-to-be German son-in-law came to our house for Christmas. But I’ve never claimed […]

The perfect tree

Jennifer Tyger Camas According to, perfect means something that is as good as it could possibly be. Every year my husband and I ask each other if this is the year […]

A gift to us all

Tawnya Melton Mueller Battle Ground Many years ago when my mom started a new Christmas Eve tradition, I don’t think she realized the forever gift she was giving to our family. It […]

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