Ways to Personalize Your Digital Outreach to Gain New Customers

Most people would argue that automated digital communication with consumers is essential for converting them into customers and retaining their loyalty. However, there is a fine line between communicating with people and bombarding them with emails that make them unsubscribe.

Yours are not the only emails these people receive, with dozens of other companies pursuing the same technique. Therefore, you need strategies to make your correspondence stand out, including personalization. Here are the best ways to achieve this goal.

Finding prospects

B2B (business-to-business) companies are always looking for new leads, businesses that might buy their product or services. Finding leads and contacting them is easier when you have sales intelligence software from Owler that has access to data on over 14 million businesses worldwide. When using software like this, you can filter companies according to industry, location, and revenue to determine if they meet your target market demographics.

A list of accurate email addresses is essential, and companies should continuously update their databases. Sending out emails to non-existent or old email addresses is a futile attempt at connecting with customers on your part and represents a waste of time and resources. Avoid purchasing premade lists and using them without verifying the addresses. Also, beware of the privacy issues attached to doing this.

Make a point

Incessant emails that do not convey anything unique or meaningful to the recipient will not achieve the desired effect. You are not the only one trying to reach these people and make an impression. Therefore, your efforts must stand out from others by being useful. This is also where the balance between quantity and quality is essential. Sending out daily emails that do not contain any relevant information is not the ideal way to win someone over.

The content of your email should appeal to the recipient. It might be a good idea to differentiate your email address database into segments and send emails accordingly. What is valuable information to one client might not be to another.

Using names

People do not like being treated like nameless, faceless creatures. Therefore, use automated email software that allows you to use the recipient’s name. Doing this manually is laborious and impossible if you have thousands of addresses in your database. Fortunately, technology exists that allows you to personalize your emails.

Use your email address to send out correspondence. When you use third-party email marketing services, your mail will likely end up in the promotions box instead of the primary inbox. Additionally, recipients might not open emails if they do not recognize the person or company’s name in their email address.

Being precise

Email marketing should not consist of long texts that take forever to get to the point. Recipients will delete them if they do not see what is in it for them. No one has time to try and determine what your message is. Make your point concisely to ensure that the reader knows what you want to say.

Balance this with ensuring that what you say resonates with customers. This is challenging when you have thousands of potential leads and no way to know what will appeal to them. A generic message is unlikely to do the trick.


Making a connection with your email recipient will get them to open the following email you send and the one after that. The best way to do this is to show that you care about them and their needs and want to find ways to make their lives more convenient.

The tone of your correspondence should touch the reader personally. Avoid extreme language and seeming overfamiliar in your correspondence. Balancing this against sounding too formal is a challenge.

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