Tips on Managing Customer Service Through Social Media

In the past, telephone calls used to be the fastest and the most effective method that most companies used to offer services to their customers. After a few decades, social media interactions started changing the game by allowing customers to connect in real-time with customer services of different companies.

Nowadays, the wave of managing customer service through social media is almost taking over. It offers instant feedback mechanisms and support for different media files like photos and videos. Here are tips on managing customer service through social media.

Have a dedicated support channel

Dedication in business determines the amount of profit the company is likely to make. That extends to even having a dedicated social customer support team and channel. If possible, ensure that you direct all the customers who need your assistance to the support profile, where their requests will be dealt with immediately. Afterward, the support team can reach out to them via calls or emails, depending on their preferences.

Even with technological improvements, direct calls are still effective. That’s why you need the best Polycom headset and other related accessories in your company. Poly phones by offers quality headsets compatible with most phones and high-quality features that can quickly suppress undesirable factors like noise.

Train staff on effective responses

Effective response builds a positive image for your company on the social media customer service account. You need to understand that customer support is not always about solving different queries raised by the customers. Success in this sector on how effectively your team is responding to the customers.

Train your team to effectively reply to the customer queries without bundling them out from using the product. Through training, your customer personnel will appear not only professional but also friendly and approachable.

Set up brand monitoring  

Setting up an active brand monitoring system within the social media channels offers an excellent way for the customers to reach out to you. There is a different array of social media tools that can help you achieve it without paying specialists to create it for you. These systems will stream to identify a various list of posts and comments with specific words.

Later, you can use this analysis to determine whether your brand is increasingly becoming popular or not. It will help you to narrow down to the most relevant products or services quickly.

Build automation system for reply

Due to limited staff availability, it can be challenging to deal with customer support 24/7 in your business. On the other hand, having a fully-qualified staff to answer different queries throughout the day and night can be very expensive. Instead of relying majorly on late answers, you can build an automation system to be answering the customer’s questions simultaneously.

Let your goal be getting lots of questions answered as soon as they are posted on the social media channel. An automation system for replies offers a fast response to the customers as per the questions asked. You can also set the system to direct the customers with specific issues to particular organization team members.

Determine what to respond to

Managing customer service through social media can be a hefty task. That’s because even users who are not your customers may start commenting negatively about your products. Maybe because their friends have done the same and they feel that they should support them. Ensure that you respond primarily to the positive comments.

It will be a wastage of time to argue with customers for a lot of time without giving detailed facts. Remember that not everyone on social media will research the issues being raised on social media. Some will take the information as it is without scrutinizing it.

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