The Five Best Places You Can Travel to This Holiday Season

Although many tourists might fear traveling abroad due to health concerns, many nations around the world have opened their doors to international and local visitors. To avert any safety and health concerns related to the pandemic, each country has put strict safety and health protocols in place, which is good news to anyone who wants to go places this holiday season.

There are dozens of places you can visit this holiday season. Whether you want to go skiing, sink in the hot sun or enjoy the breeze on high mountain picks, the choices are limitless.

View the world below from the top of Kilimanjaro – Tanzania

Derived from two names – Kilima, meaning mountain, and Njaro, meaning whiteness, Kilimanjaro got its name from its snowcap on its top. Kilimanjaro Climb Guide Company has organized customized tours to Mount Kilimanjaro for many years. Their expert tour guides help visitors choose the best route to the peak, what to pack, weather conditions, and picking and dropping to the airport.

Kilimanjaro is stunningly the highest in Africa and the biggest free-standing Mt. globally. Its dormant volcanic peaks are the Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira. Valtee Daniel, an 87 years old Frenchman, is the oldest person who has ever made it to the mountain’s peak. Annually, at least 25,000 people climb Kilimanjaro, although only about a 3rd of that number make it to the top.

Breathe the Caribbean breeze in Antigua and Barbuda 

Strategically located in the heart of the Caribbean, Antigua and Barbuda pride themselves with beaches enough for visitors to visit one beach a day for an entire year. They offer the best places for swimming, surfing, and sun-basking.

If you want to arrive in style, board a cruise ship and visit historic spots in the beautiful port city of St. Johns or shop until you drop down. Animal lovers can go swimming with the cool stingrays, bird lovers visit the Frigate sanctuary and culture lovers mingle with the locals and enjoy music, dance, artifacts, and food.

Visit the colored city of Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is a city known for its mix of beauty from the undulating mountains some distance away, the natural vegetation, and unique architecture. The capital city of New Mexico has more than enough to offer. It has some of the best luxury hotels, museums, and parks to visit.

The city is rich in both American and Spanish history, which is still vibrant today. The history is evident in its museums, numerous art galleries, and day-to-day culture. Fill your eyes with more picturesque places like the expansive Ghost Ranch located in Abiquiu.

Experience freedom in the overwhelming beaches of Goa, India

With an incredibly long coastline, Goa offers visitors over 62 miles of endless pristine beaches. The tropical beaches offer spectacular views of both the Indian Ocean and the serene landmass of Goa. There are unlimited fun activities you can do in Goa, like engaging in water activities, tasting hundreds of local seafood delicacies, or joining the colorful carnival festival.

Visitors can also enjoy the ocean breeze from a lavish boat ride, immerse themselves in thrilling nightlife, or wonder at the amazing architecture of old Goa temples and churches. The city lights up with spectacular Christmas décor and visitors can go shopping an entire day. It’s also a great time to learn a few Hindu words like Dhanyavad for thank you, Suniye for excuse me, and Maaf kijiye for sorry.

Wander at the amazing land formations in Alice Springs, Australia

Alice Springs is a remote town deep in Australia, about 1,500 KM from the nearest town. The small town is rich in historical heritage but what makes it most unique are its surrounding natural features.

The desert city is surrounded by beautiful desert land formations, rugged rocky hills, and gorgeous gorges. The spectacular Uluru has a distinctively ruddy hue and a stunningly hulky landmass. There are dozens of canyons, and back to the town, you will find a vibrant culture.

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