5 Ways to Have Great Style on a Budget

Looking stylish on a budget is more about what you buy and how you put it all together than about the amount of items you have in your closet. It is possible to have style on a budget but it may require a shift in your mindset. The less-is-more mentality often helps when it comes to being stylish on a budget.

  1. Clearly define your personal style

Is your closet full of clothes of all kinds that don’t really reflect your style? Perhaps you don’t really know your style? When you define your own style, you can shop and create outfits that reflect you best.

Having a visual, like an inspiration board, of what you like and don’t like will help. Ask yourself whether you prefer pants or skirts, silver or gold, prints or monochromatic and other questions like this. You will quickly discover some commonalities in the visuals you collect.

Once you’ve defined your style, you can find more affordable ways to create the looks you love. If you feel like you’re a ‘diamonds’ girl and you can’t afford diamonds, go to https://www.moissaniteco.com/moissanite-vs-diamond and find out more about Moissanite, which is much more affordable than a diamond. It doesn’t try and simulate a diamond but surpasses it in many ways in brilliance, luster, fire, and durability.

  1. Get rid of outdated items

There are some items that you’ll wear for a lifetime, like a Chanel jacket. You pay for the craftsmanship of items like this that never go out of style. However, many items in your closet don’t fit into this category and will just make your look dated.

Go into your closet and start purging. Be quite ruthless and throw out any item that doesn’t fit, isn’t in good condition, and doesn’t fit your style. Organize your closet so you can see all your options clearly, which makes it easier to put together a cohesive look.

  1. Buy a few core pieces

You should have a few core pieces that go with many other options in your closet. These core pieces should be in a similar color family and the cuts and styles should match other pieces.

For example, if you have a number of patterned tops that all go with black, brown or grey, you can interchange them with different skirts, jeans or pants. Trying to keep up with trends can be overwhelming and expensive but you can add a few trend-focused pieces to your staples to keep you looking up to date.

  1. Check out second-hand options

Today there is less stigma about buying second-hand clothing and you can find some amazing second-hand items if you know what you’re looking for. Look for classic cuts, colors and designs in pants, jackets and skirts, which tend to hold up well.

However, if you only buy cheap items, you just feel ‘okay’ about rather than ones you love and that work for you, this isn’t really saving you money and you should rather go for fewer more expensive items that you do love and fit your style.

  1. Be strategic about when you buy

Avoid temptation and buy when no one else is buying. If you buy a swimsuit in late fall, you can get a better deal than if you buy one in summer.

Buying a winter coat at the beginning of winter is more expensive than when you buy it in summer. It is all about supply and demand and if you shop for certain items at times when others are less likely to be buying, you have more chance of scoring some great deals.


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